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Here the light is found by dwelling in the darkness.

There is no belief that cannot be questioned.

There is no taboo that’s off limits to discuss.

Knowledge nourishes the mind and empowers the soul.

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Why Should I Test Orthodoxy?

Orthodoxy means the generally accepted practice or doctrine of a particular industry, faith, etc. It also means the status quo or the ‘conservative’ view on a particular subject or issue. It’s a fancy way of saying “the way that things have always been done.” Orthodoxy stands for stagnation. It signifies a desire to stifle intellectual evolution and discovery. Defenders of orthodoxy are afraid of change because it typically entails a shift in the current power structure. Whenever change results in a better outcome for the majority, it will likely result in a less attractive reality for those currently in power. Those benefiting from orthodox views don’t relinquish their power peacefully or willingly.

Orthodoxy, as understood by the Evangelical Right, is a great fire that ravages our society. It stifles progress, empowers prejudice and ensures ignorance. It must be stopped. The world is the opposite of what it once seemed. Darkness is light and light is darkness. Many people, by following the “light” of orthodox beliefs, have spent years diligently trying to not become the very monster that they have turned into. They had it backwards all along. The cause of this mental and moral affliction is the abstinence of knowledge. The antidote to the disease is the indulgence of knowledge.

Knowledge is quite toxic to the prophets of deception.

Join our community and extinguish the flames of intellectual and cultural tyranny. The rewards that are in store for you will satisfy the intellect but will also stimulate the flesh. The succulent knowledge we have prepared is ripe. We know that you’ll be satisfied.

My Name is Legion, For We Are Many