Welcome to the Conversation

Productive, substantive conversations are often uncomfortable.

"Statistical literacy and data fluency have never been more integral to the survival of free society."

The mission of TESTING ORTHODOXYis to defend equality of opportunity, racial equality, freedom of expression, science & empiricism, the rule of law and other democratic values.

"Many invoke the concept of justice but struggle to define it."

"It is not a bad thing to ask that a person provide evidence for his argument. It is incumbent on accusers to provide an empirical basis for their attacks."

We hope to be a counterbalance to harmful ideologies that bind people together (often militantly) but also blind them to the destructive consequences of radicalism and anti-empiricism.

We seek to show people the benefits of making decisions based on data. AND the dangers of making decisions based on emotional reasoning.

Do you really want to know the truth? Or do you just want your biases confirmed?