She’s Gone

black and white woman in the woods

A light in the darkness, she warmed my black soul.

Her gentle spirit, effervescent, without error.

Yet, the smile was a mask, a staple of the role.

She played in her world of constant terror.

She’s Gone. They failed her.

Violation of the flesh without validation of the father.

Abuse was the only substitute for adoration.

A pebble in his shoe, nothing more than a bother.

Birth to twenty-five, her demons’ incubation.

The evil was conceived with her first molestation.

She’s Gone. God did not save her.

Voices of pain. Voices of torment. Voices of Daddy.

Sanity undone in a blaze of self-destruction.

Legions speak the names “Bitch,” “Whore,” “Fatty.”

Crescendoeing screams give birth to love’s obstruction.

Peaked at the meds.

Fucked in the head.

It’s what they said.

That starts the dread.

Blood is shed.

Voices are fed.

Razor’s stained red.

Tears before bed.

Hoping that tomorrow.

She’ll be dead.

She’s gone. I could not save her.

Before it ends.

There’s a friend…

Her ego is not a slave to the past.

A gem within the mines of her soul.

Their reign of torment will not last.

This woman is becoming whole.

Her rapists’ power is fading fast.

She digs herself out of the hole.

She’s gone. It wasn’t my place to save her.

Her strength won’t die.

Her spirit won’t be bound.

Her passion won’t be stifled.

Her love won’t be contained.

She is alive.

She is well.

She is a survivor.

She is my love.

She’s gone. But she saved herself.

Goodbye, my love. Nothing will stand in your way. Ever.


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