Hell House: Part 2

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Friday, October 31, 5:00 PM

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Their car was parked in a WalMart parking lot a half-mile down the road from the church. Adam and Warren had ventured pretty deep into the woods behind their target. The Hell House wouldn’t start scaring souls to Jesus until 7:00. They still had a few hours to kill. The two had more on their minds when they decided to go on a lengthy hike besides finding a tactical vantage point. Neither wanted unrestrained moans of pleasure to compromise their plans.

Sadly, the cold necessitated that they fucked with their clothes on. After twenty minutes, they were warmed up just fine.

Entangled on the forest floor, Warren and Adam shuffled around in an unsuccessful effort to find a comfortable position. The ground was littered with organic debris, which made the post-coital cuddle session less satisfying than the events that proceeded it. The couple enjoyed the most electric sex of their lives. The fantasy of revenge had proved to be a potent aphrodisiac, albeit more for Adam. When he came inside of Warren, he didn’t envision his partner’s bliss, he fantasized about his future victims’ pain.

“You’re sure he’ll come out the back exit, the one facing the woods?” asked Warren while he stroked Adam’s cheek.

“Yes. Stop asking. I told you twice already. Tommy plays the rapist in the big finale vignette. It’s the final skit and it’s at the back of the building. The lights will go out then the smoke will force the freaks out. The spectators will get funneled into the church and the performers will go out the backdoor.”

“Alright. The taser will reach fifteen feet, so it’s not like I have to be right outside the door.”

“Exactly. The range on the smoke bombs is six hundred feet. You could do it from the woods if you had to. As soon as I cut the power, I’ll run like hell back into the trees and make my way over to you along the wood’s tangent. When you see the lights go out, cue the smoke and then run up and wait for Tommy to come out.”

“Alright. You’re sure you can get out of there?”

“Positive. The circuit breaker is actually in the church near the janitor closet, not in the school itself. It’s pretty much the furthest away from the Hell House that you could possibly be, while still being indoors. There’s a door right next to the closet that goes outside to the parking lot.”

“What if someone sees you? Then we’re fucked.”

“Oh my God, stop getting cold feet! I’ll be wearing a mask and the lights will be out, but more importantly, I still have my key to the janitor and utilities closets. Cleaning toilets over the summer turned out to be a good investment of my time.” Adam gave his nervous boyfriend a kiss to calm his nerves.

“Fine. I guess it’s cool that I get to be the one to shoot the fucker.” Warren let out a devious cackle. Adam followed up with a playful shove.

“Exactly you douche! If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to sprint around in time to catch a glimpse of him seizing and shitting himself.”

“If there’s time, should I piss in his mouth, stallion?”

“Some things are worth going to prison for, stud.” The two let out a laugh and then continued to make out while their cocks frotted.

While they were sucking face, a branch snapped a few feet behind them. Both men jerked up and swiveled around toward the noise’s location. They weren’t alone.

Four armed figures in black sweatsuits stood over them. Each one wore the same red skull mask, a disturbing version of the classic disguise. The masks’ anatomies were incredibly detailed, each cranial feature looked like it had been chiseled out of ivory. They definitely didn’t get their Halloween costumes at the Dollar Store.

“Don’t fucking move.” said the one in the middle. He (at least it sounded like a he) had a Roman numeral “I” stitched onto the left side of his chest.

Adam and Warren didn’t move; they just stood still like they were posing for a niche porno shoot. The blood drained out of their dicks faster than Houston flooded.

The gunmen stood still. Adam felt like the visitors were either studying them, as if they were an attraction at the zoo, or the foursome was collectively aroused and wanted to take in the man meat. Each one had numeral on their chest. Their outfit was more intimidating than their size. The smallest of the four couldn’t have been more than 5’2” and the biggest, “I,” was 5’7” max.

“So what, you guys were just watching us fuck?” said Adam. He was oddly comfortable on display. Warren, on the other hand, looked like he was in shock. Adam figured that if the masked peeping toms didn’t kill him and his boyfriend, he wouldn’t be taking Warren to a nude beach anytime soon.

“Only the end of it. Pretty tame. You both have a lot to learn.” said “II.” “II” was the shortest of the four. Adam couldn’t tell what its sex was. It was either a very feminine man or a very masculine woman.

“Who are you guys?” asked Warren, cupping his cock and balls like his mother had just walked in on him jerking off.

“We’re the four horsemen.” said “I.”

“We’re the two cocksmen.” said Adam, proudly displaying his shriveled penis. The cold didn’t bother him.

“Adam!” Warren punched his exhibitionist’s boyfriend’s shoulder.

“II” chuckled. “That’s cute. We think that we might share a common cause, based on what we heard about your little plan. Why don’t you partner with us?”

“Huh? What, are you wanting to shut down the Hell House?” asked Adam.

“I” stepped forward while the others took off the small backpacks that they were carrying and sat down on a nearby log.

“We, like you, have been harmed by the evil of that school…of that church. Some of us went there at different times. Those of us that didn’t were still harmed by the evil of Spring Valor. Despite that, we’ve each made something of ourselves. We’ve forged our own legacies, but there’s one battle still left to fight. That church has destroyed so many lives. It’s time to destroy it. And exterminate the evil that protects it.”

Confused, and disturbed by the masked man’s fervor, Warren and Adam looked into each other’s eyes. Adam felt like the two were telepathically communicating, like they had the same thought in that moment.

They’re going to make us kill someone. He thought.

“What happened to you guys that was so horrible? And how long ago was this?” asked Adam.

Since the others were sitting down, Adam and then Warren put their pants back on. The four horsemen didn’t object.

“A while for some of us, longer for others. I was lynched by a group of male SVA students.” Obviously disturbed by the memory, “I” cleared his throat.

“Jesus. For being black?” asked Warren.

“No. For being gay.”

Warren put his hand over his mouth while Adam muttered “Fuck me.”

“Don’t worry. Pity is a poor substitute for revenge. I was lucky. I made it out alive and now I’m free. There’s an evil that lives in that church. People like Peterson are just puppets. He’s only the most recent in a long line of Faustian sadists.”

“What do you mean he’s just a puppet?” asked Adam.

“It took us years to figure it out, we only had pieces of the puzzle, but something happened at SVA. Well, I should say something has been happening at SVA…for a long, long time. Something that’s the cause for all of our misery, the cause for all of our abusers’ cruelty.”

“What is it?” asked Warren.

“II” rose and walked toward “I.” The latter nodded his head to the former.

“They’re breeders. They’re preserving a sacred bloodline, in preparation for the Rapture.” said “II.” Its voice delivery was monotone but ominous, like it knew the world was about to end soon.

The fully-clothed young loves stared at the audibly-androgynous hobbit.

“Breeders?” Adam asked, with squinted eyes.

“That’s right. They use female students as breeders. First, the Elders impregnate the chosen girl in a ritual that the victim won’t remember, then the pastor convinces the victims’ parents to not abort the child and give it up for adoption. The church ‘assists’ in the adoption process and guides the child into a ‘righteous’ family.” said “II.”

“How the fuck does that happen?” asked Adam, in disbelief.

“Only a small percentage of the church’s contribution to the bloodline comes from the students’ wombs. These are the most coveted because, more often than not, they’re the most beautiful. They fetch the highest prices.”

“Who do they sell them to?” asked Warren.

“Members of the Council of Elders. Elders who lack a fertile partner.”

“Jesus. Well, where do the rest of them come from? inquired Warren.

“They’re kidnapped. That’s what happened to “III” and “IV.” The Elders nabbed them outside of El Paso. You’ll notice that they’re very quiet. That’s because the motherfuckers had the kids’ vocal cords removed.”

Warren started to gag at the thought. Adam patted him on the back, but he felt nauseous too.

“How did they escape?” asked Warren

“It’s a good story, but we don’t have the time to rehash all aspects of the past.”

“What happened to you?” asked Adam.

“I was born hermaphroditic, but I looked like a girl. My mother was a dope fiend. We lived near Corpus Christi. I don’t remember when or how, but the Elders snatched me up at some point and took me to Spring Valor. I grew up in the school and lived with one of the Elder’s family. Once I hit puberty, they took me to the breeding chamber. It’s underground, underneath these woods we’re in… It was there that they figured out that my ovaries weren’t fully developed. I was sterile…so they… -” “I” cut “II” off.

“You don’t have to tell it. Listen, fuck boys, are you going to help us or are we going to have to kill you?” asked “I,” quietly but harshly.

“What are you wanting us to do?” asked Adam.

“While the mayhem is going on in the Church, we need you to help us carry the breeders out of the chamber. And then we need to kill every Elder before the night is over.”

“I get wanting to take the breeders out while there’s a distraction, but why does every Elder have to die tonight?”

“II” butted in before “I” could answer.

“Because it will kill us!” yelled “II.” Too loud for Warren’s comfort.

“What is it?” Adam and Warren asked in unison.

“The thing that should not be.” said “I.” He knelt down and prayed.


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