2019 CE: Episode 2: Is Feminism Still Good? – Current State of Women’s Rights & The Gender Pay Gap (Video)

Women don't appreciate feminist accomplishments enough and seem to have a jaded perspective on the state of women's well-being.

Pessimistic feminist activists and other leftist proponents (pejoratively referred to as social justice warriors) have convinced a large number of Americans that Western society is an evil conglomerate of patriarchal hierarchies. These ideologues are confident that these power structures enslave women and prevent them from fulfilling their professional aspirations. 

Activists that spew the most vile forms of demagoguery have scared many into thinking that American women have never been in greater danger. Fortunately, these activists are dishonest and the state of women’s well-being has never been better in all of history. Unfortunately, the lies have created a moral panic and exacerbated political divisions.

Most alarming, teenagers and college students have internalized the doomsday narrative. False stories about epidemics of rape, discrimination and misogyny from mainstream media outlets bombard Americans every day. Anecdotal evidence gets extrapolated into societal plagues and the moral panic intensifies. Check out the episode below to get a sense of where women’s well-being ACTUALLY stands.


Gen Z girls are scared. Unsurprisingly, depression rates have spiked in that demographic group.

Many feminist scholars, lawyers and other activists have become concerned about these trends because they feel it is counterproductive and not the right way to advance women's rights. They are featured in the episode below.

Feminist activists have propagated false statistics and stories about the prevalence of violence against women.

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