2019 CE: Episode 3: Is Feminism Still Good? The Gender Pay Gap & Sexual Violence (Video)

the dreaded gender pay gap and the alleged epidemic of sexual violence have enraged millions of Americans and scared the Hell out of the rest.

Gen Y and Gen Z Americans (and all citizens from Western nations) have heard that men unfairly earn more than women for their entire lives. When a person has heard a statement a million times, they tend to believe it. Fundamentalist Christians believe that Noah’s Ark is hidden somewhere on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. People are still convinced that astrology works. In the late 80s, the entire country was overtaken by a moral panic. Without a shred of evidence, counselor activists claimed that thousands of children were sexually abused in satanic rituals. These beliefs aren’t based on evidence. Neither is the gender gap. The probability of feminists proving the gender gap is as high as someone finding Noah’s Ark. 

The Gender Pay Gap equals the average male salary minus the average female salary.
No credible social scientist would ever dare to arrive at a societal conclusion based on a uni-variate analysis. When multi-variate analyses of the pay gap are conducted by social scientists and labor economists, the pay gap disappears.

Gender Pay Gap

Fear-mongering and mob mentalities are not effective strategies to help victims.

Rape and the various degrees of sexual assault are all horrific crimes. They should be prosecuted as aggressively as possible, with the full resources of law enforcement. Feminist activists have amassed a great deal of alarming statistics that, fortunately, are not representative of reality. While the protection of vulnerable women is a noble goal, the propagation of false information does no one any good. In fact, activists’ lobbying for stricter sexual assault penalties on college campuses has made it less likely that actual rapists will be criminally prosecuted. Additionally, the statistics that these activists cite are profoundly misleading. 

Sexual Violence

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