Sexual Violence & False Allegations

It would be much easier for everyone if women lied about rape less than 2% of the time. Sadly, the evidence refutes that claim.

Leftist politicians, activists, journalists, professors, education administrators and other groups make it clear that women never lie about being raped or assaulted. They are spearheaded by zealous #MeToo feminists. Their aim in propagating this message is admirable and essential. 

Historically, women have been either ignored or blamed for their victimization. That is objectively tragic. However, the feminists believe that the end justifies the means. In this case, the means frequently include the destruction of innocent lives (no, I’m not talking about Bret Kavanaugh) through coordinated smear campaigns and mob mentality.


Rape and sexual assault are horrific crimes that must be stopped. No one denies that. The myth of rape culture has no basis in reality. No one believes that rapists shouldn't be punished with the harshest penalities.

The feminists believe the destruction of these sacrificial scapegoats is necessary for the greater good. 

The solution to a societal injustice can never be the simplistic inversion of the power dynamics that produced the injustice in the first place. That's not justice. That's vengeance.

The statement that women lie about rape less than 2% of the time is outright false. In this video, Testing Orthodoxy examines the scientific literature, which paints a much different picture than the one feminists are proclaiming. 

Lying about statistics causes people to disbelieve activists that are trying to protect women. That’s the danger of misrepresenting the facts: people will begin to resent women advocates because of their tyrannical tactics and mob mentality. It’s not just possible to be an advocate for victims and still call for the rule of law and due process to be honored. It’s essential.

Sexual Violence & False Allegations

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