Lessons from the Covington Catholic Incident (Video)

Whether on the left or the right, the mob is the enemy of the truth.

Last month, the students from a Kentucky Catholic school took a class trip to Washington D.C. While waiting for their bus to pick them up, the boys encountered a truly unique set of characters. A March for Life protest was happening at the same time as the first ever Indigenous Peoples March. 

A fringe group known as the Hebrew Israelites  began chanting homophobic and racist slurs, which prompted the group of students to congregate around them. Soon after, a Native American protester approached the group with a tribal drum. The next ten minutes catalyzed a firestorm of partisan rage to engulf the newscycle and social media.

In the age of social media, mobs can form in minutes. Both sides of the political spectrum fall prey to allure of self-righteous condemnation.

The students were labeled as white supremacists, bigots, racists and deplorable.

Let's examine what really happened and what we can learn from it.

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