Can We Have An Honest Conversation About Racism? – Liam Neeson’s Bloodlust Admission

Today, there are three options for talking about racial issues.

1. Adhere to politically correct orthodoxy and avoid saying anything potentially provocative, offensive, challenging or contrary to the progressive status quo.

Emotions that are repressed tend to come back with a vengeance. Those that espouse political correctness have worldviews that share a lot in common with with religions, in terms of structure. Ironically, leftists espouse the same religious behaviors that they criticize the faithful for. 

1. Religions have moral codes and when these moral codes are breached or mocked, followers of the religion react angrily. When a person says something politically incorrect, such as criticizing affirmative action, the guardians of the moral code of social justice descend upon the critic.

2. Religions differentiate between the sacred and the profane. Hindus view cows as sacred and Muslims view alcohol as profane. Similarly, those that cherish political correctness view any sign of bigotry, inequality, masculinity or meritocracy as profane. Tolerance, equity, compassion and femininity, on the other hand, are viewed as sacred. 

Religious Fundamentalism has shown us that the repression of emotions never leads to good outcomes.

3. All religious followers have a worldview dictated by their religion and they organize their lives around those worldviews. No one would argue that a person’s religion doesn’t influence all aspects of that individual’s life. It affects where they go to school, their political affiliations and many other facets of life. Progressive leftists are no different.

2. Disgusted by the politically correct orthodoxy, the uneducated, disenfranchised and less affluent fall prey to the vile grasp of racial hatred, if they have not already been seduced. They relish the violation of racial taboos and escalate the toxicity of race relations. Make no mistake, the distaste of political correctness has nothing to do with racism.

The NPI is a white supremacist think tank, headquartered in Virginia. They attempt to put a palatable spin on the most evil philosophies and ideologies known to man.

White supremacists and other racists spew hatred which, sadly, appeals to some groups that feel alienated by the nature and tone of the progressive left’s disgust of rural white America. They are aware that leftists view them as uneducated and deplorable. This make them more likely to be seduced by hatred.

3. With careful respect and deference to the suffering that racism has caused, talk candidly about racial feelings. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to successfully execute this option without being crucified by the guardians of the politically correct orthodoxy.

Neeson tried option 3.

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