Society’s Vices: Equality & Empathy (Part 1)

"The Worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle

The term sacred cow comes from the Hindu belief that cows are sacrosanct and should not be eaten.
Societal sacred cows have been deemed too integral to human welfare to be blocked or limited.
Modern American societies has many of these, including diversity, inclusion and the topics of this post: equality and empathy.
Contrary to popular opinion, anything can become a vice.
Anything, when used to excess, can cause harm.
The common aphorism, The road to hell is paved with good intentions, certainly applies here.
Equality and empathy have both become societal vices.
It’s not that there is anything inherently wrong with then, it’s that it’s been accepted that they can be used or pursued limitlessly.
Arguments for moderation, in terms of equality & empathy, is tantamount to slaughtering a cow in India.
I’ll examine equality first. Equality, when pushed to the extreme, has been traditionally referred to as equality of outcomes but is not typically referred to as equity.
Equality of opportunity is the classic type of equality that has its roots in Renaissance and Enlightenment philosophers.
The latter brand of equality means equal access to liberty under the law; it is not only morally correct, it is necessary for society to be optimized.
Leninist Propaganda being distributed in Maoist China
Soviet Monument in Bulgaria
Equality of outcomes means that a moral society is one where all individuals are the same, not in terms of opportunity, but in terms of wealth, status, education and all other qualities that are generally associated with meritocracy.
The former brand of equality (equity) was tried many times during the twentieth century and these failed social experiments claimed over 100 million lives – far more than Hilter’s Germany (this does NOT mean that the Nazis were somehow more moral than communists). 

It’s time to remember what the classical version of equality is. This is what the Founding Fathers meant by equality.

Watch the episode to learn about the contemporary perversion of equality.

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