The Boogeyman that NEVER WAS: The Truth about the Gender Pay Gap

Quite often, people want to believe in the BOOGEYMAN.

Conspiracy theorists are fascinated by far-fetched stories of Bigfoot, aliens, Obama’s birth place and the alleged faking of the moon landing. They want to believe these ludicrous stories so badly. 
Conservatives wanted to believe that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States because it confirmed their narrative. Likewise, liberals wanted to believe that the 9/11 attacks were faked because that would confirm their narrative of an immoral George W. Bush and his even more insidious henchman, Dick Cheney.
BRACE YOURSELF: The Moon Landing wasn't faked.
Nuclear Power is the most efficient and reliable source of clean energy, but the Left loves to hate it.
Loch Ness
White supremacists claim that the Holocaust never happened, while the left propagate false information about the dangers of nuclear power AND according to the Washington Post, 52% of Democrats believe that all corporations are nefariously conspiring against the public. Both of the ends of the political spectrum are prone to conspiracy theories, even though the media portrays the right as the only faction vulnerable to far-fetched tales. Everyone wants a boogeyman.
In some instances, such as Bigfoot & the Loch Ness monster in Scotland, people desire a sense of wonder. They want to believe that there are still mystery in the world. That’s part of what made movies like Indiana Jones so popular; they tapped into that hunger.
Fortunately, most (but not all) of these imaginary boogeymen aren’t widely believed to be real. Sadly, there is one societal boogeyman that is zealously defended by the politically correct establishment. The ‘Gender Pay Gap’ is a false idea that has been widely adopted by presidents, celebrities, politicians and the public at large. 
The Gender Pay Gap is nothing more than the difference between the mean (average) male income, which equals the sum of all male salaries divided by the total number of men, and the mean female income, which equals the sum of all female salaries divided by the total number of women. The belief that gender discrimination is the cause of this gap is only possible if an individual lacks a basic understanding of statistics.
President Obama was one of the worst repeaters of dubious 'Gender Gap' statistics. Politifact, The Washington Post & others classified his remarks with 'False Statement' & Pinocchio ratings.
MEAN = (Sum of Salaries)/(# of Gender). There are many things that can impact both the numerator and the denominator of that rational function, which will lead to differences between the male mean and the female mean.

This is a form of a univariate analysis, which means it examines the impact of only one independent variable (gender) on a dependent variable (income). It does not consider dozens of other critical variables, such as age, number of hours worked, occupation, level of education, years of experience, part-time or full-time work status and marital status.

There might be a correlation between Gatorade consumption and lung capacity. However, it would obviously be a mistake to conclude that drinking Gatorade causes enhanced lung capacity because other factors are at place. While long-distance runners tend to drink Gatorade, their high lung capacity is caused by exercise, not sports drink. When cause and effect relationships are tested, all variables need to taken into account. Watch the video and gain comfort in the fact that the Gender Pay Gap Boogeyman isn’t real.

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