Total Supremacy: The Superiority of Western Culture & Values

The culture, values & achievements of Western Civilization are humanity's greatest accomplishments.






Human Rights

The fruits of Western thought were not independently arrived at in other civilizations.

Everything that modern society holds sacred is a product or offspring of western civilization. there is no western race; only western values.

The liberal/leftist obsession with intersectional identity gets very complicated when two minority parties are pitted against each other.

Nevertheless, Western values and culture are under attack. The assault is coming from multiple angles. The mass immigration of Muslims into Europe has catalyzed a crisis of Western identity as Western values & culture collide with non-Western philosophies of life.

Non-Western cultures do not value concepts like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, LGBTQ+ rights, the equality of women and the separation of church and state. Progressives and leftists are torn between practicing tolerance through the defense of immigrants’ views and fighting for Western values that protect oppressed groups.

It's time to stop the obsession with guilt and take pride in the culture & values that created the greatest levels of prosperity & human welfare in history.

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