Origins of Evil | The Threat of Islam & the Destruction of Our Moral Compass – Pt. 1

Moral relativism is new – very new. Greco-Roman philosophy, Judeo-Christian morality and all intellectual discoveries after the fall of the Roman Empire (476 CE) were grounded in either moral absolutism or moral universalism.

Moral relativism is a product of cultural concerns of political correctness – courtesy of early twentieth century anthropologists. When the United Nations drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1947, the American Anthropological Association protested. They claimed it was wrong to universalize human rights since there is no such thing as objective moral truth… 

The anthropologists provided some people with a shield, in the form of tolerance and cultural sensitivity. Unfortunately, they deprived everyone of a moral compass to adjudicate moral disagreements.  

Morality with no objective moral truth is analogous to a pilot flying without any instruments. It’s difficult to fly without knowing where you’re supposed to go and how close you are to the ground. The implications of moral relativism at a societal level are scary. 

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle never mentioned moral relativism and would have been horrified at its implications.
All moral relativists have are their gut feelings.

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