The Radical Islamic Threat | The Threat of Islam & the Destruction of Our Moral Compass – Pt. 3

Moral relativism has caused the West to ignore barbarism and human rights abuses in the name of cultural sensitivity and the spirit of inclusion. This is madness. 

According to the Pew Research Center, over 139 million Muslims (39 countries surveyed) support suicide bombing. 40% of Palestinian Muslims support suicide bombing. Almost 39 million Bangladeshi Muslims advocate suicide bombing. It’s true that the majority of Muslims absolutely DO NOT stand for such barbarism. However, the large minority that does poses a profound danger. This is not something that should be ignored or CAN be ignored. 

The West is stricken with guilt over the abuses of colonialism, the stains of past racism and the excesses of Judeo-Christian religious institutions. This guilt has caused the West (Europe, in particular) to abandon its core principles, which, by all measures, have led to the greatest levels of prosperity in human history. 

The erosion of Western institutions and principles, such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, human rights, separation of church and democracy, by the enemies of Western Civilization has been expedited by massive waves of immigrants pouring into Europe from Muslim-majority countries. We must decided what we stand for: tolerance or human rights.  

Islam literally means submission. We cannot submit to moral relativism, tolerance of intolerance and the denial of human rights on the basis of cultural sensitivity.
It would be wonderful if Islam was a religion of peace. Sadly, that claim is refuted by the evidence. We must empower progressive Muslims that seek to reform the faith and transform it into a religion of peace.
The severity of the subjugation of women in Islamic societies is unmatched. Why do some feminists defend radical Islam on the basis of cultural tolerance?

It's time to decide what values you stand for. Watch the video and tell us what you think. (Uncensored version)

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