Cheap Grace: Why Liberals Don’t Understand Morality

Our moral infrastructure is collapsing.

We live in a time of moral decay. I’m not talking about the decline of marriage or the disintegration of the family or the corruption of religious institutions, although those are certainly problems.

I’m talking about the collapse of morality in the sense that a large percentage of the human race doesn’t understand what morality is or how to employ moral analysis to resolve moral disagreements.

In the absence of a universal moral infrastructure that can objectively adjudicate moral disputes, all that is left is the rubble of moral relativism and emotion-fueled impulsivity.


Liberals have a problem – they don’t know how to talk about morality.

They don’t have one stairway that leads to truth, to lady justice; they have many. The liberal doesn’t care about the process of moral judgment. Their only concern is whether or not one of two outcomes are achieved.

Morality involves the application and interpretation of systems of moral principles through the application of reason. That’s where objective morality comes from – a universal standard applied equally and systematically to all moral agents. Those on the left want to reduce morality to the totalitarian adherence to two ideals: tolerance and equity.

The ultimate moral aim of the liberal is to show tolerance to EVERYONE and to ENFORCE equality of outcomes, meaning that everyone should be as equal as possible. They believe that everyone should be tolerated and instances of intolerance and inequality automatically produce a moral imperative that moral agents must address and resolve.

To the liberal, fairness is equity. There are rarely conditions for equity. Liberals believe in “cheap grace,” grace that is unconditional.

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