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Atheists love to hate religions and love to blame all of the world’s evils on religion. What they fail to realize is that they are religious too.. and, quite often, they are more religious than the most overzealous of the faithful.


  1. I stopped the video early because it had faulty reasoning. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not speaking as an atheist but one who has studied religion.

    Atheism is just a rejection of the theist claim of a god. The theist has failed to meet the burden of proving a god.

    #1 “Beliefs that explain the cause of the universe”. Right off the bat, this would not include Buddhism. But it also doesn’t apply to atheism because atheism only addresses the question of a god.

    #2 “The purpose and meaning of natural and human history”- Human nature is often questioning the meaning of life. It is an existential question. Human history has nothing to do with religion.

    #3 “A conceptual framework for the understanding of nature and the universe”- again, Atheism just addresses the claim of a theist. Part of the understanding of nature and the universe actually originated from Christianity…

    #4 “Devotional and Ritualistic practices”… has nothing to do with atheism.

    …”a moral code to govern human conduct”… Not sure how this applies to atheism. Maybe secular laws??

    “…The human mind is wired for religion, automatically adopt religious world views”- Human’s generally adopt the religious world views of their parents.

    Please don’t bear false witness against those who do not believe the same as you.

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you for watching the video and for your feedback. It’s difficult to respond to your criticism because your points are answered in the second part of the video. I state the components that make up religious belief and then illustrate how non-believers fulfill the components through non-institutional religious behaviors. I’d recommend that you watch the entire video.

      I assure you that I did not come up with the components that make up religious behavior. I cite my sources at the end of the video. These components of religion have been researched by anthropologists, psychologists, philosophers and neuroscientists.

      The video is neither an endorsement of institutionalized religion or a criticism of atheists or agnostics. It’s intended to show that human beings have a common cosmological framework and similar psychological schemas that help them orient themselves to the world around them.

      1. I watched the rest of the video and noticed your sources was a BBC website on religions and the only other source is Philip Pecorino is a professor of philosophy and has worked at many colleges (SUNY-CUNY) in NY.

        As I pointed out earlier, Atheism is just a rejection of the theist claim. You cite a few examples and try to tie in atheism as a religion. You mention evolution, the Big Bang, Science, Naturalism without realizing that these are topics that are shared amongst the religious and non-religious. Granted there are some who feel these topics are in conflict with their religion.

        Then I see you changed from Atheism to “Liberal Atheism”. I know many liberal Christians and well, liberals from many religions that have gone to marches or protests.

        I will give you this, there are people who have many different beliefs, and true, I know a woman who is dogmatically vegan. Veganism is like a religion to her. I’m sure we can spin the definition of religion to fit her. I’d bet we can also twist the definition of religion to apply to fans of the Chicago Cubs.

        You suggest that we all have common cosmological frameworks and phycological schemas and that may be true but why refer to it as a religion? While some people have common worldviews, I don’t think any two people have the same exact view of the world.

        Enjoy your day.

        1. Hi David,

          Thanks again for engaging with me and for your feedback. Yes I only included a couple of sources here. The BBC one is an Encyclopedia entry and the other one is an undergraduate philosophy textbook, which includes a host of citations. The reason I didn’t include more is because, as I mentioned, the “components of religion” are not a controversial topic among atheists or believers. One of my favorite books is by the renowned atheist philosopher, Daniel Dennett -“Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.” In this book, Dennett actually analyzes religious behavior through the lens of natural selection and and shows how religion has adapted to fit the changing circumstances of human populations. Dennett leans on these “components of religion” to analyze the phenomenon of religious belief and experience.

          The point that I am making in highlighting these components is that modern psychological evidence seems to suggest that humans are, and have been for a long time, wired to be religious. This is NOT justification for the existence of God by any means. Humans structure their worldview based on a religious schematic template, even if they are totally secular. Your example of a zealous vegan is a PERFECT example of that.

          Regarding cosmological frameworks and psychological schemas, I characterize those in religious terms because they are manifested through religious behaviors.

          I 100% agree with you that NO one has the exact same worldview. Every religious person tailors their religious worldview based on their individual preferences and needs – it’s totally self-serving.

          Thanks again for the conversation.

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