Facts, Lies & Logic | ABORTION (Choice & Consequence) – Pt. 2

In the previous video, we examined the dark historical origins of the pro-abortion movement in America and contrasted the movement’s overtly racist and eugenicist past with its sanitized and contemporary narrative of social justice and freedom from oppression.

While pro-choice activists opt to either hide their ideology’s history or be ignorant of it, it’s a mistake to think that simply saying “early feminist activists were racist and early abortionists were eugenicists,” is sufficient to thwart the arguments of pro-choice activists. It’s not.

Good citizens need to be aware of the lessons of the past without dismissing the wisdom of the past. For example, many ultra-liberal activists want to dismiss everything that Thomas Jefferson ever did or wrote, including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, because he was a slave owner.

Yes, slavery is evil.

However, the prosperity and freedoms that all races enjoys today exist because of the wisdom of the founding fathers. Both the political Left’s tribes and the political Right’s tribes must learn how to resist the temptation to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The pro-choice activist might concede that eugenics and racism both were and are evil, but would probably also argue that even though early abortionist crusaders’ ideologies and motives were evil, modern abortionists’ ideologies and motives are just and morally sound.

So, let’s move away from the origins of the pro-choice movement and shift to the movement’s present philosophy. The arguments of pro-choice activists and pro-choice sympathizers vary in how they’re formulated and they’re combined together, but they generally sound something like the following statements, which make up the abortionists’ 10 Arguments:

Watch the video to find out what the 10 Arguments are, and which are strong and which are weak.


  1. Thanks for the logical argument. As a Christian in a largely atheistic world i struggle with the constant reliance on the premise that abortion is wrong because God says so. That doesn’t work with disciplining my kids and it’s not going to work to flip an atheist either. There are SO MANY valid arguments against stopping the life of a person in the fetal stage of humanity. We do not need the crutch of a deity’s disapproval to carry water for us. Thank you for your bold truths.

    1. Hi Marianne,

      Thank you so much for the kind words and for sharing a little bit about your personal situation. The “God says so” argument has a very short useful period for children.

      I too am a Christian and I share your distaste for divine command morality (God says murder is bad, which is what makes it bad). Instead, I believe that God recognizes that murder violates universal moral law, which is the reason that God forbids it. He recognizes that there is something morally wrong with the action of murder. We could debate on the exact moral mechanics of what make the action of murder wrong but we can all agree that it IS wrong.

      I believe that the use of religious arguments in secular contexts is a mistake – simply because it is, at the very least, bad strategy. We should rely on logic and facts. Otherwise, we are speaking in two different languages. To your point, this will not convince anyone.

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I look forward to hearing more of your opinions in the future.

      – Seth

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