The RIGHT of Bodily Autonomy… | ABORTION (Choice & Consequence) – Pt. 4

The right of bodily autonomy is weakened when the actions of one individuals infringe on the rights of other individuals.

All human civilizations have placed value on bodily autonomy but have also limited bodily autonomy when the actions of certain individuals infringe on the rights of other people.

A man’s right to choose what happens to his body ends when he decides to assault someone and break the law.

The consequence of his decision include the mandatory forfeiture of his bodily autonomy – he’s going to be incarcerated.

The only people that have complete “bodily autonomy” are serial killers that manage to evade law enforcement.

In the case of abortion, the infant’s rights are being infringed on.

Pro-life activists view the limits on a woman’s autonomy that abortion restrictions impose as a necessary protection of the rights of the infant.

It’s the same moral safeguards that prevent men from raping women at will.

Watch the video and see the "bodily autonomy" argument for abortion crash and burn.

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