Hate Speech is Free Speech (and we must protect it)

The Gates of Hell have opened and evil (hate speech) is springing forth from the abyss.

A gate has been opened.

Fringe beliefs and extremist ideologies have been declared “commonplace” by many on the left.

This generally occurs when sensationalist anecdotes are referenced instead of statistics. Nevertheless, it is true that some objectively despicable people, once relegated to the dark corners of the internet, are now operating out of the shadows.

Many are calling for censorship – for restrictions on the freedom of speech – so that harmful and hurtful words will not traumatize vulnerable ears. The radical left has declared that speech is violence. If I say something that you don’t like, according to leftists, you can say that I have committed violence against you.

Hate speech must be struck down, they say. They want to call upon the wise benevolence of the state to police the harmful ideas that reside in the thoughts and minds of bad people and to regulate the words that come out of the deplorables’ mouths. In case you didn’t realize it, this is madness.

Regardless of where or when or how this societal phenomenon exploded into our lives, Americans have to deal with its consequences every day. Free speech has been at the center of this ideological tornado.

Liberals like to claim that they are champions of the First Amendment, but they have failed to stand up for true free speech principles. Offensive or provocative ideas are saddled with the hate speech designation, irrespective of whether they’re true or not. The liberal obsession with political correctness has alienated half of the country and big tech companies’ authoritarian imposition of politically correct orthodoxies has continued to invite criticisms of liberal bias.

Democrats are so terrified of offending anyone that they appear weak, disingenuous and unprincipled to the mid-American, blue-collar electorate.

Meanwhile, many Republicans also oppose free-speech when it comes to political protests that involve flag burning or kneeling during the national anthem at sporting events. Nevertheless, in recent times, the left has posed a far greater threat to free speech than the right.

I’m concerned about the harm to free speech that my progressive comrades’ philosophy risks.

Comedians, including Jerry Seinfeld, won’t perform at college campuses anymore because the students are too easily offended. Liberals have taken their standards of political correctness to a counterproductive level. It is a threat to free speech and now is a time when we need free speech more than ever.

There are a lot of bad ideas being embraced by the mainstream media and public. Freedom of speech is the mechanism by which bad ideas are defeated. I too detest hateful speech. I wish it didn’t happen. I believe that the ideas espoused in hate speech are harmful, which is why I support freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech is society’s weapon against bad ideas. Like a vaccine, it allows people to get exposed to harmful pathogens so that they can develop immunities to them. It allows bad ideas to be conquered by good ones.

By attempting to censor speech and limit freedom of expression, leftists are ensuring that bad ideas survive and fester in the darkness, instead of being defeated in the light.

Many Americans do not understand the history & philosophy of freedom of speech as a societal value.
There is no country in the world that protects the freedom of speech as robustly as the United States does.
Both liberal and conservative Supreme Court justices have vigorously defended the freedom of speech protections offered under the Bill of Rights' First Amendment.
Many comedians refuse to perform at college campuses because of the toxic climate, created by political correctness.
Freedom of Speech is the best way to ensure that good ideas defeat bad ideas.
Historically, the more censorship that a country enforces, the less it respects human and individual rights.

Watch the video and learn about the history and legacy of free speech in America. It's a legacy that we all must protect.

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