The Media, Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar: Liars, Anti-Semites & Terrorist Apologists

The hysteria around Israel’s decision to decline the requests of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to visit Israel demonstrates the profound dishonesty of the two politicians and the media as a whole. This is hardly shocking. It also demonstrates the profound laziness of the Western public (they can’t be bothered to learn about any of the complexities of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict).

The Palestinian authority is LITERALLY funded by terrorists (this does NOT mean that all Palestinians are terrorists). Whenever Hamas executes a terrorist attack on Israel, which requires Israel to respond with force, the media echoes Palestinian propaganda and acts as if Israel drew first blood in the altercation.

The media bias against Israel shows no signs of weakening any time soon.

The media coverage of Israel’s refusal to allow Omar and Tlaib, who’ve openly propagated anti-Semitic boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) actions, is no less ridiculous. Most of the headlines suggest that Israel rejected the two congresswomen because they were Muslim or because they have political disagreements with Israeli policy or because they criticize the Israeli government. NONE of these are true. Israel has NO problem with dissent or criticism. Haaretz, a major Israeli newspaper, makes the New York Times’ coverage of Israel look like Breitbart. Here are several of Haaretz’s headlines about this incident:

  • “Israel presented Tlaib with a cruel dilemma: Her principles or her family”
  • “The whole world now witnessed Trump and Netanyahu’s racist, annexationist synergy”
  • “Rashida Tlaib cancels West Bank visit, citing Israel’s ‘oppressive conditions’”

Do those sound like headlines that would fly in a country without a robust freedom of speech and a capacity for dissent?

Do you think Kim Jong Un would allow a newspaper to make those kind of criticisms against his regime? Would Putin? Would Assad? Would Hamas? Would ISIS? Would Boko Haram? Would Hezbollah?


A fifth of Israel’s population is Muslim. Israel has TWO official languages – Hebrew AND ARABIC. The Knesset (Israel’s legislative branch – equivalent of Congress) has Arab-Muslim parties. The Supreme Court of Israel – “Beit HaMishpat HaElyon” also has had Arab-Muslim members. So, let’s set the record straight.

Arab-Muslim Israeli legislators have OPENLY called for the destruction of Israel. However, because those individuals are Israeli citizens, they are free to say whatever they want. Israeli law PROHIBITS ANY NON-CITIZENS THAT HAVE CALLED FOR THE DESTRUCTION of the state of Israel, through BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT & SACTIONS (BDS), from being granted entry into the country. 

BDS was formulated and propagated by terrorists and terrorist sympathizers from a wide range of nefarious backgrounds. The entire idea is to convince the world to economically sanction Israel into oblivion so that it will not be able to continue existing. The goal is not peaceful negotiation. The goal is complete and total annihilation of the state of Israel.

BDS activists view the world in zero-sum terms. Therefore, it doesn’t seem unreasonable for Israel to wish to keep people that publicly advocate for BDS policy from entering the country. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlab have openly advocated BDS for a very long time. Tlaib has taken pictures with Hamas sympathizers, Hezbollah sympathizers and other terrorist sympathizers. A known-Hezbollah activist painted a picture of her wearing a Palestinian-pride shirt while standing in front of the Congress building in JANUARY.

Even if Israeli law did not prohibit BDS advocates from entering the country, the activism of Tlaib and Omar would be enough to categorize them as enemies of the state.

BUT INTITIALLY, Israel was willing to welcome Tlaib and Omar into the country because they’re both sitting legislators of the United States’ Congress. It wasn’t until Israeli government officials saw the congresswomen’s itinerary, and who the congresswomen were meeting with, they decided to pull the plug. The itinerary didn’t mention visiting Israel, it only spoke of visiting Palestine. And Palestine wasn’t referring to Ramallah or Bethlehem or other West-Bank Palestinian territories – it was referring to JERUSALEM.

Palestine does not legally exist. Palestinian-administered territories are disputed under international law and are claimed by Israel as a result of winning several wars in the latter half of the twentieth century (these wars were also initiated by Arab forces, not Israel).

Tlaib and Omar, through the guise of a diplomatic request, were trying to force Israel to acknowledge that Jerusalem falls under Palestinian sovereignty. This was designed to be a provocative insult. Their goal was to inflame tensions and create political drama from the beginning. Furthermore, the people that they were scheduled to meet with are prominent members of terrorist and political organizations that openly advocate for BDS, terrorism against Israel, and the complete destruction of Israel.

One organization that planned to fund the congresswomen’s trip is MIFTAH, a non-governmental organization (NGO).

MIFTAH advocates BDS and has supported terrorism against Israel.

They’ve accused Jews of “using the blood of Christians in the Jewish Passover.” MIFTAH has praised suicide bombers as national heroes. MIFTAH’s website has promoted content from a Neo-Nazi conspiracy theory website that posts stories on how Jews control the media. The author of one of those articles, promoted on the MIFTAH website, is the research staff of National Vanguard Books, a neo-Nazi organization (according to the Southern Poverty Law Center).

Another organization that they planned to meet with is the Defense for Children International Palestine, which has ties to the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – an organization classified as a terror group by the EU, US and Canada) terror group and exploits children to propagate anti-Israel misinformation and and promotes BDS.

Why in God’s name would Israel let them in? Can you imagine what the media would say if Trump associated with any of the groups that Omar and Tlaib associate with? The hypocrisy of the media and the disinformation that it spreads are absolutely mind-blowing. It’s also obscene that Democrats signed off on Omar and Tlaib associating themselves with the MIFTAH NGO during the trip.

Nevertheless, Israel still offered to allow Tlaib and Omar in to visit relatives if they pledged to not engage in activities aimed at cultivating hostility towards Israel. Supposedly, it was very important for Tlaib to visit her dying grandmother (her “sity”) so Israel said that Tlaib could visit her “sity.” But, then Tlaib decided she suddenly didn’t want to come. The entire visit had nothing to do with her grandmother. It was a political stunt. Omar and Ilhan wanted Israel to bar them because it would help them to continue to propagate their narrative.

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