Reason on Trial Again: The New Galileos and the New Bellarmines

In 1615, Galileo was summoned to the Vatican where Cardinal Bellarmine prosecuted him. The Roman Inquisition accused Galileo of heresy for promoting Copernican heliocentrism (the view that earth and the stars revolve around the Sun).

Galileo invited Bellarmine to look through his telescope to see the scientific evidence for himself, but the Cardinal refused. He said that whatever evidence Galileo could siphon from his telescope would pale in comparison to the evidence found in the Holy Scriptures.

It’s beyond ironic that in 2019, the Galileo vs. Bellarmine prosecution continues, although in different form. The new Bellarmines are the people that despise Christianity and Western Civilization the most. They view Christianity and West as oppressive regimes of patriarchal tyranny and emotional abuse. To the new Bellarmines, the West is intrinsically drawn to subjugation.

The new Galileos are those that believe that reason, science, evidence and axiomatic principles DO offer privileged ways of understanding the world.

They believe that science and rationality are epistemologically superior to alternative ways of “knowing” the universe. Put another way, they believe that science and reason produce justified knowledge, while alternative methods do not produce justified knowledge. A belief is justified if evidence can be referenced as a basis for holding that belief.

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)
The "Intellectual Dark Web" is a group of academics and commentators from across the political spectrum that reject relativism & postmodernism and champion science & reason

The new Galileos are the geneticists, the medical doctors, the biologists, the theologians, the philosophers and the majority of all Americans. They believe in empiricism and objective reality.

They believe that sex and gender are not disentangled and are grounded in biological markers (XX/XY sex chromosomes, etc.).

They believe that men and women are biologically different – and they believe that those differences manifest themselves in different aptitudes and different career interests (and different salaries).

They believe that IQ is not evenly distributed and that the presence of an IQ bell curve means that human beings are NOT ALL equal in intellectual capability or economic opportunity. 

They believe that Western cultures are objectively superior to others in their propensity to facilitate human flourishing and through their sacrosanct designation of human rights.

All of these beliefs are justified by evidence.

Jordan Peterson is arguably the most influential and vocal critic of relativism and postmodernism today.
Every trait, every variable, every talent and every person is distributed along a bell curve. Everyone is NOT equal. Everyone is NOT the same.

The new Bellarmines are those that drown in postmodernism and epistemic relativism. They preach that all facts and “alleged” realities are mere artifices of social constructs that vary from individual to individual.

They are the 3rd/4th wave feminists.

They are the Trans activists.

They are the postmodernists.

They are the multiculturalists.

They are the Democratic Socialists.

They are the Justice Democrats.

They are the Grievance studies academics and many others (but still a minority).

They claim that empirical evidence, science and debate are tools of the Western patriarchy. They claim that these tools are meant to oppress minorities.

They reject scientific evidence in favor of ideological compliance.

They believe that there are many “equally valid” ways of knowing the word. They believe that no epistemic justification (such as science) is more valid than any other way or understanding the world.

They reject debate in favor of inquisition and character assassination. 

They insist that there is no such that as objective and universal morality and that all cultures are equal and that all cultural practices are equally justified. 

Ilhan Omar - Democratic Socialist, Intersectional Feminist, Proponent of Unrestricted Immigration, Islamic Extremist Apologist and one of the New Bellarmines.
Reza Aslan - Champion of Multiculturalism, Apologist for Muslim Atrocities, Pretend Religious Scholar and one of the New Bellarmines.
St. Robert Bellarmine, S.J. (1542-1621)
Mehdi Hasan - Islamic Extremist Apologist, Multiculturalism Crusader & one of the New Bellarmines.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - Democratic Socialist, Proponent of Unrestricted Immigration, Grievance Studies Mouthpiece & one of the New Bellarmines.
Alyssa Milano - Intersectional Feminist, Women's Rights Activists, Proud Recipient of Multiple Abortions and one of the New Bellarmines.
Jessica Yaniv - Transgender Activist, Self-Proclaimed Social Justice Warrior and one of the New Bellarmines.
Ta-Nehisi Coates - Crusader for Slavery Reparations, Identity Politics Journalist, Grievance Studies & Race Studies Propagator, Beneficiary of the Bigotry of Low Expectations and one of the New Bellarmines.

They are the virus. Become part of the vaccine and help win the war of ideas.

If you’re interested in a deeper dive into this discussion, I highly recommend you read this (short) great book by a New York University Professor of Philosophy.

Fear of Knowledge: Against Relativism and Constructivism

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