Righteous Heresy: YouTube’s Censorship Travesty – Courtesy of the Regressive Left

This video was removed by YouTube because it qualified as "HATE SPEECH." THIS IS MADNESS.

A few days after posting a video entitled Everyone is NOT Equal. Everything is NOT Relative. (shown in full below), I received a message from YouTube stating that my video was removed because it violated YouTube’s hate speech policy.

The video does NOT encourage violence AND does NOT incite violence against anyone AND does not encourage hatred of another person or group. 

Half perplexed and half annoyed, I clicked “LEARN MORE” to examine YouTube’s policy rabbit hole of incoherence.

YouTube added more stringent hate speech policies on June 5, 2019.

YouTube then provided a list of examples of policy violations - NONE of which were featured in the video. The examples' hyperbole is amusing.

Youtube also made it clear that it's better to censor a borderline case than to let it go. It's similar to how pol pot said that it's better to kill an innocent man than to a let a guilty one go free.

There’s one problem with YouTube’s censorship model that can never be overcome. It requires an omniscient entity to decide what should be censored and what should not be censored. There are no omniscient entities. Hence, why freedom of speech has been the optimal method that civilized societies have employed to settle disagreements and share ideas. 

Watch the video for yourself and see what you think.

Damn you, YouTube. Damn you.

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