Virtue-Signaling and Shallow Faith: Evangelical Christians Condemn St. Peter’s Cross

Virtue-signaling of any persuasion is annoying. I frequently call out virtue-signaling on the Left but one of the most mind-boggling forms of virtue-signaling involves the shallow, tribal gestures of uninformed, Evangelical Christians.

I use the upside down cross, aka St. Peter’s Cross, as a symbol of humility.

It has been a Christian symbol for 2,000 years and is also emblematic of the Papacy (St. Peter is considered to be the first Pope).

When crucified, Peter requested that he be crucified upside down because he did not feel worthy to crucified in the same manner as Christ.

It is one of the most beautiful and profound gestures in all of Christian history has been with the church since its inception. 

Some of the more ignorant and tribal Evangelicals believe that because a handful of pagans turned some crucifixes upside down in a few childish acts of self-indulgent blasphemy within the last hundred years, we should abandon one of the oldest Christian symbols.

I stand for Western culture and Western values.

Both Jewish and Christian history (and morality) are central to the West’s moral, economic, intellectual and cultural supremacy.

We would not have human rights without the Jewish and Christian religions.

However, I do not feel worthy to brandish the cross.

I am not worthy of Christ’s symbol and I am not worthy to be his self-appointed representative.

So, I use the upside down cross to pledge my allegiance to Christ and the values that emanate from Judeo-Christian theology AND also to acknowledge that I am a fallible servant of Christ – NOT HIS MOUTHPIECE.

I do not have a direct line to God and am VERY skeptical of anyone that claims to.

Unfailingly, shallow Evangelicals (who are ignorant of Christian history) RELISH the opportunity to show how loyal they are to their tribal comrades.


They’re to Christianity what AOC is to environmentalism and immigration policy – both are extremely passionate in their incoherence but lack virtually any understanding of the topics that they claim to be enamored with.

Whenever I push back on their intellectual vacuity, it quickly becomes evident that their understanding of Christian history and theology is akin to a toddler learning to speak.

They begin to recognize shapes and symbols and start to understand that the shapes and symbols correspond to actual objects and entities in the real world.

That’s how the naive Evangelical virtue-signaler operates – they understand that certain shapes and certain symbols are representative of certain concepts and certain ideas. What those ideas actually entail is lost on them, unfortunately.


They love to condemn tribal virtue-signaling on the LEFT, but fail to recognize their own empty gestures and shallow beliefs.

Note: The upside down cross is and will always be a Christian symbol. However, an upside down crucifix is NOT a Christian symbol and is considered by both Catholics and Protestants to be blasphemous.

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