Pete Buttigieg – Christian Postmodernist: Religion & Relativism

Politics now guides religion...

Mayor Pete Buttigieg has capitalized on his Christian faith to market himself to the American people. Buttigieg, a married homsexual, is particularly critical of Vice President Mike Pence, who holds conservative views regarding sexuality.

While Buttigieg rightfully advocates for a separation of church and state AND rightfully condemns Pence’s use of the Bible (as a guide for public policy and governance), Buttigieg does the exact same thing with his “Biblical” views.

Buttigieg views scripture through the lens of politics instead of politics through the lens of scripture. In that respect, he relativizes Christianity to serve his political purposes. This is an example of how the epistemological and moral relativism of postmodern philosophy have corrupted some liberal spheres of Christianity. It is a cynical game that exploits the moral and theological confusion of well-meaning Americans.

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