The Postmodern Gender Lie (OR how women are actually oppressed…)

Postmodernism and gender relativism harm women.

In a stunningly small amount of time (almost overnight), a large number of people have stopped believing that gender has anything to do with biology. They believe that there aren’t just two genders. In fact, they say that there is NO limit to the number of gender identities that can be discovered.

How did this happen? One woman can take most of the credit: Judith Butler, Professor of Comparative Literature and “Critical Theory” at the University of California, Berkeley. Butler is one of the most influential postmodern gender thinkers of the past fifty years. Butler has taught that gender is a social construct that is “performed” and is not tied to biological realities.

While Butler intended her gender relativism to be emancipative, it has actually harmed women in profound and fundamental ways. It’s another casualty of the postmodernist rape of Western civilization.

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