RAMBO & Toxic Masculinity: 5 Reasons Why LIBERAL Critics and the LEFT Hate Him

two things have always been true about the rambo movies:

“Vietnam is to ‘First Blood’ as rape was to ‘Death Wish’: it’s the excuse for a rampage of destruction… the movie tries hard to make sure that Rambo will be seen as a tormented, misunderstood, amazingly resourceful victim of the Vietnam War, rather than as a sadist or a villain.”
– Janet Maslin, writing for The New York Times (1982)
“The film repeatedly perpetuates right-wing myths about America’s treatment of Vietnam War veterans, such as that they were regularly spit on and harassed by antiwar protesters… It focuses on the idea that America is full of ingrates who can’t appreciate the idealized, Nietzschean hyper-masculine men that supposedly represents everything noble about this country. When the protagonist goes on a rampage, it is morally justified by how he was persecuted by small-town cops — and his persecution is brought on by a sadism rooted not in the truth, but in right wing myths about America that allow its audiences to root for someone who would otherwise be seen as contemptible.

That is the key to understanding the Rambo movies: They are gruesome, cruel, egregiously violent stories that justify their existence with political messaging… When you take action film genre tropes and graft a political narrative onto them, people often imbibe the ideology along with the spectacle. That is when they become propaganda.”

Matthew Rozsa, writing for Salon (2019)

They're violent and critics despise them.

Why? Because Rambo stands for everything that terrifies the LEFT, which film critics are OVERWHELMINGLY aligned with.

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