The Storm of Doubt is a Blessing. The Calm of Certainty is a Danger.

You can weather the storm.

Human beings naturally gravitate towards certainty and avoid ambiguity, if they have the option. Often, our political ideologies, religious beliefs and personal biases prevent us from acknowledging the truth; when our fragile worldviews are threatened, we flee.
It’s interesting how many view the fundamentalism of atheism in a more favorable light than the fundamentalism of religion.
Both are ill-advised. Both are compelled by the need for certainty. Both are characterized by an inability to tolerate ambiguity. Both abstain from the blessings of doubt.
Doubt is an opportunity to engage in a conversation. It is not a signal to despair. Omniscience is out of human reach. But, if we face doubt with curiosity instead of fear, truth is within our grasp.

You may even learn to enjoy it.


  1. The reality—doubt is a warning to your inner self that your being conned. It’s a natural feeling to protect ourselves, but has been carefully crafted into a religious processing by men of words who have a dog in the fight. Doubt is our greatest ally against the mental enslavement.

    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your comment. It sounds like you’re talking more about skepticism than about doubt. I would agree that a healthy degree of skepticism is necessary to guard ourselves from certain totalitarian forms of certainty (religious fundamentalism, for example). Am I correct in my assessment of your comment?

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