Stereotypes: We Ignore Them At Our Peril

The academy wants to hide the overwhelming evidence of the accuracy of stereotypes.

There are many unpleasant truths that exist.

Reality is not predicated on our preferences.

As Ben Shapiro says, facts don’t care about our feelings.

Whether we go looking for them or not, inconvenient truths will continue to haunt us. The reliability of stereotypes is one such truth that we have to grapple with. The downsides of stereotypes, while serious and real, are well-known and don’t need repeating here. We need to examine a moral dilemma, understudied and rarely spoken of due to the politically correct orthodoxies that govern public discourse and common parlance.

There are ACTUALLY many upsides to stereotypes. By completely demonizing the utilization of stereotypes, we are robbed of their benefits. The avoidance of these benefits can have profound moral consequences.

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