The Triumph of Individualism over Collectivism | Total Supremacy II

"Individualism makes cooperation worth living." - Henry Ford

There is no concept more integral to the economic, moral and cultural supremacy of Western Civilization than individualism.

Individualism is virtually synonymous with “Western” while anti-individualism in any form is tantamount to “anti-Western.”

Individualism is fundamental to human well-being and, without it, the probability of a manifestation of totalitarian terror is greatly increased.

All of the freedoms that Westerners enjoy are predicated on the assumption that the individual is sovereign.

The American Constitution and the Bill of Rights implicitly condemn collectivism and explicitly sanctify individualism.

Unfortunately, the subordination of the individual to the collective is the goal of many social justice warriors on the LEFT.

We must remember that individualism is part of the foundation of the West’s supremacy. 

The individual is, and MUST BE, sovereign. 

Celebrate this SUPREMACY.

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