An Immigration Victory for Trump | When Ideology Makes You A Slave (and REALLY dumb too) – Pt. 3

Ideology perpetuates itself at the expense of its host organisms.

The false equivalency of Trump/Border Crisis and Hitler/Holocaust is a symptom of an ideological belief system. Those who make this false comparison blame Trump for the suffering of migrants, particularly children. They could not be more mistaken.

Many people around the world have belief systems that resemble a fragile house of cards. A belief system consists of interconnected and interdependent ideologies, conceptual frameworks and philosophies. The more interconnected, and the more interdependent the components of a person’s belief system are, the more difficult it is for a person to adjust his or her worldview when new information becomes available.

A purely ideological belief system is the quintessential “House of Cards” belief system The components of such a narrow-minded belief system are so closely interrelated, that altering one facet of the belief system is just like removing a card from the house or adding a card to the house – the whole thing comes tumbling down. This phenomenon causes many people to ignore and suppress new discoveries about the world around them because it conflicts with some facet of their worldview.

Don't base your identity on a "House of Cards" belief system.

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