Sexual Violence: What is the TRUTH about false allegations?

Few crimes are more heinous than those that involve sexual violence.

Feminist activists claim that only 2% (or less) of rape allegations are false.

Some on the right claim that women lie about sexual violence all the time.

The evidence paints a picture that isn't black & white.

1. Women NEVER lie about sexual violence.
2. Women OFTEN lie about sexual violence.
Unfortunately, these two competing assertions have gained prominence. Both oversimplify reality and perpetuate ideological narratives. The conflict over the quantification of false sexual violence allegations has caused a great deal of collateral damage.
Attacks on women for reporting sexual violence causes and/or overstating the rate of false rape allegations deters genuine victims from coming forward to seek justice and to prevent other victims from experiencing the same fate. Genuine rape is an under-reported crime.

On the other hand, the call to always “believe women” no matter the circumstances has led to the erosion of due process and the imprisonment of innocent men. It’s also worth noting that men of color are disproportionately victimized by false sexual violence allegations.


we must find a way to simultaneously protect due process and victims of sexual violence.

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