Fringe beliefs and extremist ideologies have been declared “commonplace” by many.

Pundits and analysts have posited this is a product of Donald Trump’s political ascendancy. Whether or not this analysis is correct, it is true that some objectively despicable people, once relegated to the dark corners of the internet, are now operating out of the shadows. 

Many are calling for censorship – for restrictions on the freedom of speech – so that harmful and hurtful words will not traumatize vulnerable ears. 

Some activists have declared that speech is violence. If I say something that you don’t like, according to many critics, you can say that I have committed violence against you. 

Hate speech must be struck down, they say. They want to call upon the wise benevolence of the state to police the harmful ideas that reside in the thoughts and minds of bad people and to regulate the words that come out of the deplorables’ mouths. 

Regardless of where or when or how this societal phenomenon exploded into our lives, Americans have to deal with its consequences every day. Free speech has been at the center of this ideological tornado. 

We must ask the question, is HATE SPEECH part of FREE SPEECH?

Sticks and stones...

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