The Storm is Here

What is Orthodoxy?

Orthodoxy means the generally accepted practice or doctrine of a particular industry, faith, or other social institution. It’s a fancy way of saying the way that things have always been done. Sometimes the status quo is fine, but often it’s not. Orthodoxy can lead to stagnation when it devolves into puritanical ideologies. When corrupted in this manner, orthodoxy promotes a desire to stifle intellectual evolution and discovery.

The Allure of simplistic ideologies is too enticing for many to resist.


Orthodoxy, as understood by the Evangelical Right and the Post-modern, Neo-Marxist Left, ravages our society. It stifles progress, empowers prejudice and ensures ignorance. Both sides are to blame, but the left is devolving at a more precipitous rate. It must be stopped.


The world is the opposite of what it once seemed. Many people, seduced by the simplicity of ideology, have been misled by their intellectual slaveholders. Under the oppression of orthodoxy, they’ve become the very archetype of evil that they’ve always railed against so zealously. The Christian turns his back on the poor, the meek and the ‘least of these.’ The progressive activist creates division and resentment with her perverse addiction to identity politics and grievance studies.

Ideology binds comrades together, but it also blinds them.


The only way to neutralize the storm of ideological division is to break the addiction to orthodoxy. We need more humility and curiosity. We don’t need certainty or simplicity. The world needs more people that can tolerate ambiguity. Individuals that tolerate life’s shades of gray are what humanity needs. We have to talk to each other and find a way to characterize members of opposite tribes (political party, socioeconomic class, religion, etc.) as something other than despicable, deplorable or stupid. The storm of division in America doesn’t come from a lack of certainty; it comes from a crippling intolerance of ambiguity.

Abandon ideology and walk into the Storm.