The War is Here

This video was deleted by YouTube for violating “HATE SPEECH” principles. In other words, it violated the politically correct orthodoxy. See for yourself.

What is Orthodoxy?

Orthodoxy refers to the generally accepted practice or doctrine of a particular industry, faith, or other social institution. Sometimes the status quo is fine, but often it’s not. Orthodoxy can lead to tyranny when it devolves into puritanical ideologies. When corrupted in this manner, orthodoxy promotes ideological conformity, intellectual stagnation & intolerance of any viewpoints that stray outside the politically correct status quo.

Simplistic ideologies that promote blind tolerance & moral relativism are emotionally intoxicating but intellectually vacuous and pose serious ethical issues.


Orthodoxy, as understood by the Post-modern, Neo-Marxist Left, ravages our society. Emotionally naive, but historically ignorant millennial and Generation Z citizens fall prey to the Utopian allure of tyrannical schemes that aim for equality of outcomes. This brand of orthodoxy stifles progress, empowers prejudice and ensures ignorance. It must be stopped.

If the idea of class-based revolution appeals to you, you must avail yourself of the historical lessons of Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin, Kim Il-Sung, Mao and other twentieth century revolutionary figures that aimed for egalitarian utopia, but perpetrated genocide instead.


The world is the opposite of what it once seemed. Many people, seduced by the simplicity of Marxist & postmodernist ideologies, have been misled by their intellectual slaveholders. Under the oppression of social justice orthodoxy, they’ve become the very archetype of evil that they’ve always railed against. The progressive activist creates division and resentment with her perverse addiction to identity politics and grievance studies.

Ideology binds comrades together, but it also blinds them.

Penchant for Purity

The world needs more people that can tolerate ambiguity. Humanity needs individuals that can deal with shades of gray. We have to talk to each other and find a way to characterize members of opposing tribes (political party, socioeconomic class, religion, etc.) as something other than despicable, deplorable or stupid. The vicious division in America doesn’t come from a lack of certainty; it comes from a crippling intolerance of ambiguity and an addiction to ideological purity.

The most evil regimes in history were born out of ideological purity and a sense of moral omniscience.