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Sam Hain

Sam Hain is a healthcare administration consultant, a writer, a lecturer and a Christian. He is a graduate student studying economics, with an emphasis on economic development.

Sam devotes much of his personal time to volunteer initiatives, which primarily focus on international and domestic economic development.

He cares deeply about political extremism, mental health, equality of opportunity for all, poverty and other essential causes of our time. 

Watch Sam talk about his battle with depression

David Kant is a religious commentator and philosopher with a history of mainstream religious criticism.

He is currently pursuing graduate studies in economics. He studied philosophy as an undergraduate.

Kant studies the intersection of politics, religion and economics. He is a critic of postmodernism and firmly believes in the superiority of enlightenment values.

David Kant

Get Comfortable in the Wilderness

The team wanders, but like many of their fellow pilgrims, they are not lost. Their aim is to break the shackles of the revisionist historians and intellectual slave-holders that attack Western culture and Judeo-Christian philosophy and morality.

"They invited me to partake of the forbidden fruit. So, I availed myself of the antidote to the intellectual deceivers’ poison. I shunned tribal affiliation and, instead, sought personal enlightenment. The team taught me that individuality is primary and group identity is secondary."
albino woman wearing a crown of thorns
E.H. Plem
Former Idealogue


  1. This is simply wonderful. The trailer for the YouTube channel is mind-blowing. I’ve just posted it on my Facebook page which has close to 4,500 followers. I work in the film industry and Stanley Kubrick was my inspiration to follow my passion and persevere in this difficult but supremely rewarding field. Seeing the clips you’ve used reminds me why I continue to strive for my little piece of cinematic Valhalla. I am awestruck and left speechless by the work your team has put into this blog and your YouTube channel. I became Facebook friends with Sam Hain a short while ago and have been a huge fan since. I told him I’ll try my best to promote your social media efforts. I find there’s something your team is doing wrong in that area, however. You don’t have enough subscribers. Will do my part. Bravo and kudos!

    1. Hello Vince,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for your patronage to the site. We greatly appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into promoting the site and our greater cause. You are correct! We have not been as successful at procuring YouTube subscribers as we have Twitter and Blog Followers. Any helpful advice you have would be appreciated. Blessings to you, sir.

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