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Just a timid observer making small talk...

Donovan is a doctoral student in finance. He currently works as a healthcare consultant in Lean Six Sigma process improvement and change management for a large Midwestern healthcare system.

When he isn’t working, studying or blogging, Donovan enjoys spending time with his lovely wife (who graciously tolerates his relentless opining about a myriad of topics) and attempting (with varying degrees of success) to potty-train his new Cavapoo puppy, Theo.


  1. This is simply wonderful. The trailer for the YouTube channel is mind-blowing. I’ve just posted it on my Facebook page which has close to 4,500 followers. I work in the film industry and Stanley Kubrick was my inspiration to follow my passion and persevere in this difficult but supremely rewarding field. Seeing the clips you’ve used reminds me why I continue to strive for my little piece of cinematic Valhalla. I am awestruck and left speechless by the work your team has put into this blog and your YouTube channel. I became Facebook friends with Sam Hain a short while ago and have been a huge fan since. I told him I’ll try my best to promote your social media efforts. I find there’s something your team is doing wrong in that area, however. You don’t have enough subscribers. Will do my part. Bravo and kudos!

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