The Oath to Win the War of Ideas

When the deceived cry censorship, the enlightened demand transparency and unadulterated truth.

When the misled demand impractical abstinence, the truth-bearers advocate education and responsibility.

When the deceived stay stagnant, the enlightened evolve.

When the deceivers’ hubris and carelessness reveal their true motives, the enlightened will mercilessly spread the evidence of the deceivers’ malice to all.

When the misled attempt to abuse children with false doctrines, the truth-bearers expose the perpetrators’ evil.

When the deceivers show themselves as liars, the enlightened wage intellectual warfare, in defiance of moral, political and religious tyranny.

When the deceivers conflate persecution with the loss of absolute power to swindle their prey into mayhem, the truth-bearers do not cower into submission.

When the deceivers molest their parishioners spiritually, financially, politically, intellectually, morally and often physically, the enlightened will show compassion and love to the victims and do everything in their power to prevent the deceivers from abusing them again.

When the deceivers value lies as a means to an end, the light-bearers value truth as the end in itself.

This is why we used to use the upside-down cross as our symbol.

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