Movie Review: A Serbian Film

THIS REVIEW DOES CONTAIN LIMITED SPOILERS A Vulgar Display of Power Director Srđan Spasojević might have been a tad angry when he wrote and directed 2010's A Serbian Film. The artist's penchant for vulgarity seethes through the movie. He clearly wanted to create a film that would be the ultimate statement of transgressive art. While recent [...]

Movie Review: Inside (Á L’Intérieur)

THIS REVIEW DOES CONTAIN LIMITED SPOILERS Everything Sounds Better In French.I'm an unapologetic fan of the new wave of French Horror, also known as the French Extremity Movement. This wave of carnage that overtook the French film scene in the early 2000s has produced some of the finest horror films of the twenty-first century. The [...]

The Villain: Dos & Don’ts

Which is More Important: The Hero or the Villain? There's a small minority of people that believe that the strength of a story's hero is the best predictor of the story's overall quality. By quality, I mean the level of audience engagement and entertainment. If the audience or reader finds the hero to be likable [...]

Flesh Eater

Siberia, 2003. Two teenage drug addicts can't find any heroin but hear of a new, more powerful drug called 'krokodil.' Their quest to get high brings them face-to-face with death.

Hell House: Part 2

Don't Miss the First Part - Hell House: Part 1 Friday, October 31, 5:00 PM Their car was parked in a WalMart parking lot a half-mile down the road from the church. Adam and Warren had ventured pretty deep into the woods behind their target. The Hell House wouldn't start scaring souls to Jesus until [...]

Hell House: Part 1

Thursday, October 30, 7:00 PM A full moon's light filled Adam's room. He hadn't turned out the lights yet, despite the fact that his nap ended an hour ago. Adam always enjoyed contemplation in tranquil darkness; less stimuli cleared his thinking. He was seething...and plotting. How much cruelty can one person dish out? Is there [...]

The Shaman

August 18, 1934 Dear Diary, I have sinned. It’s almost dark. In case I don’t return to the mission camp, I wanted to stop and write down what happened to us. I wanted to warn my family and any other missionaries that are trying to spread the gospel here in Peru to run. Run now, [...]

The Surgeon of Your Nightmare

The names that I list in this story have been changed to protect the identities of the people and institutions that were involved in the story’s events. Background In one of my previous posts, The Red-Haired Boy & the Angel of Death, I described a disturbing account of (what felt like) paranormal activity. As a healthcare [...]