ATTENTION: Podcast Panelists Wanted!

Testing Orthodoxy™ is looking for podcast panelists. If you have expertise or interest in politics, religion, science or philosophy, please email TRIGGER WARNING: This PODCAST respects the indispensability of free speech, which is the mechanism for how a civil society finds common ground and settles problems. Nothing is censored and political correctness is not adhered [...]

The Left’s War on Science – Pt. 2

In Part 1 of this series, The Left's War on Science, I analyzed the left's insistence on the denial of biological differences between men and women that result in variations in temperament, which affect career interests and aspirations. Leftists (feminists, in particular) deny these biological differences because it conflicts with their narrative of an oppressive white male patriarchy [...]

Please Victimize Me

Identity politics and the influence of post-modernist thought on the left-leaning media and North American universities have created a new fetish: being a victim. Victim-hood is the new black and everyone wants to be the next sob story. If there's no way that a person can 'sell' the legitimacy of their own victim-hood, she becomes [...]

God Hates Us All

NOTE: If you’re viewing this post from the WordPress reader, you will not be able to see any images. Please visit the actual site for an optimal viewing experience. I can't help but notice the justifiable outcry from my atheist brothers and sisters in response to the incomprehensible new revelations about the child rape industrial [...]

I Won’t Be Your Victim.

  There are lot of victims in the world, especially in the United States. Donald Trump was elected by a mob of angry victims, unemployed, uneducated and convinced that they'd been forgotten by the system. So, in retaliation, they elected the man who promised to destroy that system. Conservative commentators are even claiming that white men [...]