Total Supremacy: The Superiority of Western Culture & Values

The culture, values & achievements of Western Civilization are humanity's greatest accomplishments. Democracy Individualism Capitalism Science Rationality Human Rights The fruits of Western thought were not independently arrived at in other civilizations. Everything that modern society holds sacred is a product or offspring of western civilization. there is no western race; only western values. The [...]

Axioms of Annihilation 2: Desecration

Orthodoxy means the generally accepted practice or doctrine of a particular industry, faith, political faction, etc. It also means the status quo or current party line. Orthodoxy can manifest itself in every political party and in every school of thought. Orthodoxy isn't a problem if it is allowed to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances.However, [...]

The Paradox of Faith & Empiricism of the “Faithful”

Most Evangelicals' notion of faith would be rebuked by Christ as heretical and Denounced by scientists as anti-scientific. all Bible verses have a common theme. This pattern is one of the few consistencies between the old and the new testaments. All of these verses are hostile towards empiricism. Empiricism is a fancy academic term but it’s [...]

2019 CE: A Statistical Guide to the State of the World (Video)

These series of videos (2019 CE: A Statistical Guide to the State of the World) will statistically examine the current state of human welfare, how it compares with the levels of the recent past and what we can do to continue improving life in the future. Don’t despair. The world is in a much better state than the media wants you to think. Don’t pray for Armageddon. Embrace the optimism housed in your DNA.