2019 CE: A Statistical Guide to the State of the World (Video)

These series of videos (2019 CE: A Statistical Guide to the State of the World) will statistically examine the current state of human welfare, how it compares with the levels of the recent past and what we can do to continue improving life in the future. Don't despair. The world is in a much better state than the media wants you to think. Don't pray for Armageddon. Embrace the optimism housed in your DNA.

ATTENTION: Podcast Panelists Wanted!

Testing Orthodoxy™ is looking for podcast panelists. If you have expertise or interest in politics, religion, science or philosophy, please email rev.seth.donovan@testingorthodoxy.com. TRIGGER WARNING: This PODCAST respects the indispensability of free speech, which is the mechanism for how a civil society finds common ground and settles problems. Nothing is censored and political correctness is not adhered [...]