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The Testing Orthodoxy team loves feedback regarding what topics you would like to see examined or what stories that you’re interested in.

We also interested in where and how you disagree with the site’s viewpoints.

This is perhaps the most valuable information since the goal is a conversation.

The T.O. team splits its time between various projects, but values feedback as to what direction this blog should take.

Partner with us. Your voices are the only ones that we care about.

In the age of social media algorithms and ideological echo chambers, we’re isolated in silos far too often.

We must be able to engage in civil conversation with those that disagree with us. 

Orthodoxy refers to a generally accepted practice or doctrine of a particular industry, faith, etc.

It means the status quo on a particular subject or issue.

It’s a fancy way of saying “here is the correct way of thinking about this subject.”

Orthodoxy stands for stagnation.

It signifies a desire to stifle intellectual evolution and discovery.

Defenders of orthodoxy are afraid of change because it typically entails a shift in the current power structure. 

Your mind is a weapon. Don’t disable it with orthodoxy.

Join our community and extinguish the flames of intellectual and cultural tyranny Perpetrated by the enemies of Western civilization.

You may contact the team directly at the following email addresses.


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David Kant Email: David.Kant

You can also join us on social media.

This is why we used to use the upside-down cross as our symbol.