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Testing Orthodoxy Media respects the indispensability of free speech, which is the mechanism for how a civil society finds common ground and settles problems. Nothing is censored and political correctness is not adhered to.

Is Humanity at its Nadir?

If you watch the news, it’s highly probable that you believe the state of the world has never been worse.

Whether the threats are imagined or real, Americans are on edge today.

In 2016, Chapman University conducted a study that assessed Americans’ top ten fears. More than fifteen hundred Americans were surveyed and the top selections indicate feelings of helplessness and anxiety of events outside of their control. It seems like America has a collective external locus of control: we believe that we are powerless. It’s unsettling that citizens of the land of the free and home of the brave were more concerned about government corruption that terrorism or financial security.

Here are the top 10 fears of 2016:

  • Corruption of government officials (same top fear as 2015) — 60.6%
  • Terrorist attacks — 41%
  • Not having enough money for the future — 39.9%
  • Being a victim of terror — 38.5%
  • Government restrictions on firearms and ammunition — 38.5%
  • People I love dying — 38.1%
  • Economic or financial collapse — 37.5%
  • Identity theft — 37.1%
  • People I love becoming seriously ill — 35.9%
  • The Affordable Health Care Act/”Obamacare” — 35.5%

The distrust in the government has opened a Pandora’s box of hysteria and fantasy. The survey indicated that more than half of Americans believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Conspiracy theories have become exponentially more popular in the past few years.

We have reasons to smile.

Hope is Warranted

While there’s no doubt that mankind is facing challenges today, the reality is that human welfare isn’t at its low point in 2019; it’s at its zenith. Testing Orthodoxy features a series of videos that statistically examine the current state of human welfare, how it compares with the levels of the recent past and what we can do to continue improving life in the future. Don’t despair. The world is in a much better state than the media wants you to think. Don’t pray for Armageddon. Embrace the optimism housed in your DNA.

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There is no Western race; only Western values. DEMOCRACY, INDIVIDUALISM, CAPITALISM, SCIENCE, RATIONALITY, HUMAN RIGHTS…. Western intellectual products have enriched the world. Nevertheless, Western values and culture are under attack. The assault is coming from multiple angles. It’s time to stop the obsession with guilt and take pride in the culture & values that created the greatest levels of prosperity & human welfare in history.

Virtue-signaling occurs when a person declares allegiance and/or support to a concept, group, cause or belief that his or her affiliated social networks hold in high esteem. Humans want so badly to be part of a grand cause, something greater than themselves, but just as powerful, is the need to make other people believe that each of us is a virtuous and consequential person. However, like many natural impulses, the urge to virtue-signal can cause destruction, especially when mob mentality amplifies the madness.

There are two sacred cows that politicians, celebrities and many other claim are the gateways to a just society: Equality & Empathy. In part 1, we examine Equality. The meaning of Equality has shifted since America’s founding. This evolution is a dangerous one. The common belief that equality is the only measure of societal health is unfounded.

There are two sacred cows that politicians, celebrities and many other claim are the gateways to a just society: Equality & Empathy. In part 2, we examine Empathy. Empathy has been elevated to a level of sanctity that is religious in nature. This has caused reason to take a back seat to emotion, with respect to moral decision-making. Morality is about rationality, not instinct. The common belief that empathy is the only way to moral outcomes is severely misguided.

Conspiracy theorists are fascinated by far-fetched stories of Bigfoot, aliens, Obama’s birth place and the alleged faking of the moon landing. They want to believe these ludicrous stories so badly.  Fortunately, most (but not all) of these imaginary boogeymen aren’t widely believed to be real. Sadly, there is one societal boogeyman that is zealously defended by the politically correct establishment. The ‘Gender Pay Gap’ is a false idea that has been widely adopted by presidents, celebrities, politicians and the public at large. 

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IS THE PROMOTION OF EDUCATION FOR GROUPS THAT PREVIOUSLY WERE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. Would you like it if society held you to a lower standard than your fellow peers? Would you find that liberating or insulting? The solution to the problem (education gap between whites and minorities) that affirmative action has unsuccessfully attempted to solve is not politically correct. IT’S TIME TO BE HONEST ABOUT THE PROBLEM.

Modern Social Justice Activists have turned away from the vision of MLK. The Civil Rights Movement has never been monolithic. Over the past hundred years, vastly different viewpoints from MLK have emerged, such as those of Malcolm X, the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam. While MLK never failed to inspire unity, even in the face of abject horror, some other branches of the Civil Rights Movement were (& are) more divisive.

What does the scientific literature say about the rate of false sexual violence allegations? Not what you think. The rate of false rape allegations is, sadly, not 2%…


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