Podcast #3 – Author, Television Freelancer, Satanist

Fred Anderson is a Swedish television freelancer, actor, author and Satanist. His most recent book “Homo Satanis: how I learned to love satan and other insights from my childhood” was just released.  While I’m a Christian, I was pleased to discover that Fred and I agree on most topics. I firmly believe that all Christians could benefit from hearing Fred’s insightful perspective. Civil discussion allows people to develop empathy. It creates bonds and builds bridges. It can even make friends out of a Christian and a Satanist.

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In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Consequences of Christian Fundamentalism
  • Recovering From Trauma
  • How to Neutralize Bullies
  • The Freedom of Individuality
  • The Importance of Not Turning the Other Cheek (Sometimes)
  • The Magic of Forgiveness and Gratitude
  • The Danger of Chronic Victim-hood