How Does COVID-19 Affect Nursing Homes?

Introduction COVID-19 has traumatized the world. While virtually all Americans have felt the economic scourge of the pandemic, the actual risk of death is heavily biased against senior citizens.¹Some of the most vulnerable individuals reside in nursing homes.² Nursing home administrators need to understand what risks put their patients in danger.³ Government executives and legislators [...]

COVID-19: Trade-Offs Must NEVER Be Taboo

The lack of sophistication of journalists' analysis of the pandemic continues to disappoint... At this point, most journalists and politicians seem to fundamentally misunderstand the “flatten the curve” concept, which has devolved into a meme.“Flatten the curve” measures (such as social distancing) are NOT meant to lower the total number of people who become infected. [...]

COVID-19: Have We Reached A Tipping Point?

There are several mathematical axioms that the COVID-19 pandemic has validated, but the most consequential of these are: 1) For any group of people (# of people = n), as n approaches infinity, that group's capacity for stupidity approaches infinity. 2) Despite the fact that we're >200 years removed from The Enlightenment, people still prefer... [...]