Denying a human being his moral agency is a form of bigotry. Many white liberals want to claim, in a paternalistic fashion, that the disparity between the proportions of whites and blacks in prisons is solely due to racism.It seems ludicrous to rule out racism as ONE OF THE CAUSES of the disparity. However, I [...]

Trump should be DESTROYING Democrats in the polls. Why isn’t he? (Hint: It’s not impeachment)

You can't deny Trump's accomplishments. As of 12/16/19, the most recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll has Trump narrowly prevailing against his opponents (despite the ridiculous impeachment proceedings):- Trump/Biden (45%, 41%)- Trump/Warren (44%, 37%)- Trump/Buttigieg (43%, 33%)- Trump/Bloomberg (43%, 34%)- Trump/Sanders (44%, 39%)Trump's stellar economic accomplishments should translate into total domination in the national polls, but [...]

Democrats’ ASSAULT on Religious Liberty: CNN’s LGBTQ+ Town Hall

On Oct. 10, 2019, the Democratic presidential candidates gathered to discuss LGBTQ+ issues.The multi-hour town hall was as terrifying as it was absurd. Postmodern Christianity, religious and moral relativism and totalitarian levels of political correctness were all on full display.Diversity and victimhood were praised, while white "cisgender" males were blamed.But the most disturbing aspects of [...]