The Boogeyman that NEVER WAS: The Truth about the Gender Pay Gap

Quite often, people want to believe in the BOOGEYMAN. Conspiracy theorists are fascinated by far-fetched stories of Bigfoot, aliens, Obama’s birth place and the alleged faking of the moon landing. They want to believe these ludicrous stories so badly.  Conservatives wanted to believe that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States because it confirmed [...]

Society’s Vices: Equality & Empathy (Part 2)

FORGET EVERYTHING THAT YOU'VE EVER KNOWN. EMPATHY is the enemy of morality. Empathy is lauded by presidents, celebrities, authors and virtually every other category of public figure.  It has been elevated to a near-religious caliber of sanctity.  We've incorrectly classified empathy as the gateway to morality. And we've paid a great price. Compassion is wonderful. [...]

Society’s Vices: Equality & Empathy (Part 1)

"The Worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle The term sacred cow comes from the Hindu belief that cows are sacrosanct and should not be eaten. Societal sacred cows have been deemed too integral to human welfare to be blocked or limited. Modern American societies has many of [...]

2019 CE: Episode 2: Is Feminism Still Good? – Current State of Women’s Rights & The Gender Pay Gap (Video)

Women don't appreciate feminist accomplishments enough and seem to have a jaded perspective on the state of women's well-being. Pessimistic feminist activists and other leftist proponents (pejoratively referred to as social justice warriors) have convinced a large number of Americans that Western society is an evil conglomerate of patriarchal hierarchies. These ideologues are confident that [...]

Why We Need the Left

Until recently, I always considered myself a devout progressive. Nurtured by a fiercely Democratic family, I remember debates with my classmates in elementary school about how Al Gore was a better candidate than George W. Bush. I spent both my undergraduate and graduate studies inundated with leftist political philosophy and ideology. For many reasons that […]