When Ideology Makes You A Slave (and REALLY dumb too) – Pt. 1

Ideology perpetuates itself at the expense of its host organisms. Many people around the world have belief systems that resemble a fragile house of cards.A belief system consists of interconnected and interdependent ideologies, conceptual frameworks and philosophies. The more interconnected, and the more interdependent the components of a person's belief system are, the more difficult [...]

The Triumph of Individualism over Collectivism | Total Supremacy II

"Individualism makes cooperation worth living." - Henry Ford There is no concept more integral to the economic, moral and cultural supremacy of Western Civilization than individualism. Individualism is virtually synonymous with “Western” while anti-individualism in any form is tantamount to “anti-Western.” Individualism is fundamental to human well-being and, without it, the probability of a manifestation [...]