Sexual Violence & False Allegations

It would be much easier for everyone if women lied about rape less than 2% of the time. Sadly, the evidence refutes that claim. Leftist politicians, activists, journalists, professors, education administrators and other groups make it clear that women never lie about being raped or assaulted. They are spearheaded by zealous #MeToo feminists. Their aim [...]

2019 CE: Episode 2: Is Feminism Still Good? – Current State of Women’s Rights & The Gender Pay Gap (Video)

Women don't appreciate feminist accomplishments enough and seem to have a jaded perspective on the state of women's well-being. Pessimistic feminist activists and other leftist proponents (pejoratively referred to as social justice warriors) have convinced a large number of Americans that Western society is an evil conglomerate of patriarchal hierarchies. These ideologues are confident that [...]

Feminism Has Gone Too Far – Pt. 2

While Pt. 1 of this series dealt with the creeping trend of the abdication of responsibility through fat acceptance, this post deals with something much more explosive.     The #MeToo feminists are ready for war. Their codependent mob is rabid; its vitriol continues to strengthen, along with its sense of immaculate virtue. This unchecked metastasis is […]

The Left’s War on Science – Pt. 2

In Part 1 of this series, The Left’s War on Science, I analyzed the left’s insistence on the denial of biological differences between men and women that result in variations in temperament, which affect career interests and aspirations. Leftists (feminists, in particular) deny these biological differences because it conflicts with their narrative of an oppressive white male patriarchy […]

Feminism Has Gone Too Far – Pt. 1

Take a look at the main picture on this post. It is taken from a plus-size female model photo shoot. What emotions come to mind? When I saw this picture, it reminded me of a bit from one of Bill Burr’s stand-up specials. In the bit, Bill mocked the current trend of celebrity praise towards […]

Please Victimize Me

Identity politics and the influence of post-modernist thought on the left-leaning media and North American universities have created a new fetish: being a victim. Victim-hood is the new black and everyone wants to be the next sob story. If there’s no way that a person can ‘sell’ the legitimacy of their own victim-hood, she becomes […]

The Left’s War on Science – Pt. 1

The political left has historically chastised the right for its relentless war on scientific inquiry and scientific consensus. That criticism has been absolutely warranted. Any scientific findings that could be construed as problematic for unregulated free enterprise have been attacked, denied or met with unwavering skepticism from Republicans. From tobacco health risks to dangers of […]