Intro to Postmodernism: Ideology, Insanity & Indoctrination

Postmodernism is a philosophical movement, started by a group of disgruntled French intellectuals, that has poisoned humanity over the past sixty years.Fundamentally, postmodernism reduces history to a mere series of power struggles between oppressors and the oppressed.EVERYTHING is framed in terms of power dynamics.There is no such thing as objective truth or objective morality.Truth is... [...]

Life is Complicated, SO DON’T LEAVE OUT VARIABLES!

Economists have a term for when important variables are left out of an analysis: OMITTED VARIABLE BIAS.Solutions that result from such analyses are bound to fail because they leave out crucial pieces of information. One of the most famous examples of this is the "Gender Pay Gap," but there are many more, unfortunately.Life is complicated. [...]

The Boogeyman that NEVER WAS: The Truth about the Gender Pay Gap

Quite often, people want to believe in the BOOGEYMAN. Conspiracy theorists are fascinated by far-fetched stories of Bigfoot, aliens, Obama’s birth place and the alleged faking of the moon landing. They want to believe these ludicrous stories so badly.  Conservatives wanted to believe that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States because it confirmed [...]