Discrimination: The “Good” & The Bad

We "discriminate" every day. But there are types of discrimination. Not all are bad... In the car, tune your radio to NPR,  go to CNN.com on your phone, read The New York Times on your tablet, or watch MSNBC at home on the couch and you will be bombarded with urgent reminders of rampant discrimination [...]

The High Cost of Cheap Grace (Pt.2) | Immigration: Truth & Lies – II.

Assimilating immigrants into American society is expensive and it requires a great deal of resources. America's national debt continues to soar. Neither political party has solved the looming debt crisis. Frankly, America cannot afford to continue to support the current state of immigration policy. There is a high cost to cheap grace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU8V6ludXCM&t=8s Some immigrants [...]