Feminism Has Gone Too Far – Pt. 1

Take a look at the main picture on this post. It is taken from a plus-size female model photo shoot. What emotions come to mind? When I saw this picture, it reminded me of a bit from one of Bill Burr's stand-up specials. In the bit, Bill mocked the current trend of celebrity praise towards [...]

I Won’t Be Your Victim.

  There are lot of victims in the world, especially in the United States. Donald Trump was elected by a mob of angry victims, unemployed, uneducated and convinced that they'd been forgotten by the system. So, in retaliation, they elected the man who promised to destroy that system. Conservative commentators are even claiming that white men [...]

Flesh Eater

Siberia, 2003. Two teenage drug addicts can't find any heroin but hear of a new, more powerful drug called 'krokodil.' Their quest to get high brings them face-to-face with death.

She’s Gone

A light in the darkness, she warmed my black soul. Her gentle spirit, effervescent, without error. Yet, the smile was a mask, a staple of the role. She played in her world of constant terror.   She's Gone. They failed her.   Violation of the flesh without validation of the father. Abuse was the only [...]

Movie Review: Martyrs (2008)

Blood woman with her skin removed

This Review Does Contain Spoilers! Mainstream Mundane MoviesPersonally, I believe that the majority of American “torture porn” horror films are shallow, in terms of both plot and artistry. The Saw films bombarded us with loads of derivative killings and massive helpings of gore, but they didn’t challenge the audience with any philosophical themes. Yes, Jigsaw [...]