Feminism Has Gone Too Far – Pt. 2

While Pt. 1 of this series dealt with the creeping trend of the abdication of responsibility through fat acceptance, this post deals with something much more explosive.     The #MeToo feminists are ready for war. Their codependent mob is rabid; its vitriol continues to strengthen, along with its sense of immaculate virtue. This unchecked metastasis is [...]

Feminism Has Gone Too Far – Pt. 1

Take a look at the main picture on this post. It is taken from a plus-size female model photo shoot. What emotions come to mind? When I saw this picture, it reminded me of a bit from one of Bill Burr's stand-up specials. In the bit, Bill mocked the current trend of celebrity praise towards [...]

Please Victimize Me

Identity politics and the influence of post-modernist thought on the left-leaning media and North American universities have created a new fetish: being a victim. Victim-hood is the new black and everyone wants to be the next sob story. If there's no way that a person can 'sell' the legitimacy of their own victim-hood, she becomes [...]

Porn: It’s Tearing Me Apart

Disclaimer Pornography is not an easy subject to talk about, especially for a humanist like myself. I should probably begin this post with a disclaimer: I don't watch porn. While I have seen porn numerous times throughout the course of my life (unfortunately including Two Girls, One Cup...), I am not a regular consumer of [...]

Sex is Our Soul, Abstinence is Our Agony

Abstinence: A Cost With No Benefit Abstinence is such a harmful concept. It is an investment without any return. When an investor buys stock, she expect dividends. When a college student lands an internship, he hopes a job offer will follow as a result of his hard work. Individuals have other resources besides money. A [...]